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June 2010
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cawing of a corbie [userpic]

was just rereading the posts and read the first one "Post your favourite recipes here! Ask questions about recipes and food. Talk about your favourites and your kitchen disasters." and what immediately came to mind was the horrifying supper i made last night.

well the taste was there but the noodles went all wonky and formed into this massive glutonous pile of... something. i tried to portion it into bowls but it was like stabbing a giant soggy glob of bread hehe. it was the noodles themselves as it happened before with them (lemon pepper linguine). (i've made this recipe with lime juice and shrimp and it turned out fine then.)

so if you can rustle up some good nonsticking pasta, the following recipe is great ;D

take approx 4 dried peppers, 1 tbsp of corriander seeds and 1 tbsp cumin seeds. dry roast for just a few minutes in a frying pan. grind fine in a mortar & pestle.

1 cup of chopped chicken pieces (i used a roasted chicken so cut down on cooking time)
1 small onion chopped
1-2 tbsp crushed garlic
1/4 cup of chicken stock
1 can of mushroom pieces (you could probably use fresh, but fresh mushroom texture creeps me out)
S&P to taste

saute the onion and garlic in some olive oil until onions are clear, sprinkle with the dry spice mix
add mushrooms and saute a few minutes more, sprinkling with more of the dry spice mix
add chicken, rest of dry spice mix, S&P to taste. i also added a couple shakes of Mrs. Dash
add chicken stock, simmer until liquid is almost gone

toss with pasta

if you want the lime juice/shrimp version, take out the mushrooms and add about 1 tbsp lime juice, lime rind, and some lemon pepper at the beginning. add another tbsp of lime juice when adding chicken stock and simmer the shrimp until cooked.

it really IS good when the pasta turns out!